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All Else Is Worthless

Verse 1

I don’t care how much money I’ve got

I don’t care if ten million people know my name

I could have the whole world and still be lost

You can have it all 


Whatever price I have to pay  

I'll count as loss what looks like gain

Through the good times and the pain

I’ll give it all for Your name

I give You praise cause You deserve it 

Everything else, I'll desert it 

Just knowing You is worth it

All else is worthless 

Verse 2

I’m gonna do whatever it takes

To see Your face as 10 billion people sing Your praise

I will not chase worldly things that fade

You can have it all


Cause without You I am nothing

But I'm priceless in Your hands

Your love is all I'll ever need

No earthly thing shall stand

Your heart is what I'm chasing

And Your name is why I sing

I’m holding nothing back Lord

I give You everything  

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