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Verse 1

One step forward two steps back

Trying to make my words and actions match

What I thought I knew I second guess

Trying to make it all make sense


I wanna go back to the basics

Lord I confess I’ve been faking

Belief is suspended like stasis, stasis

Father remind me what faith is

Take all my doubt and replace it

I want you to be all I’m chasing, chasing

I wanna go back to the basics

Verse 2

Is it too late to begin again

Come and give my faith some adrenaline

Gonna take some leaps that might seem wild

I wanna be just like a child


I wanna go back to the

Questionless limitless simplistic living in

Hope like an ocean much more than emotion

No faking just praising embracing my savior

No feeling could ever replace it 

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