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Follow Me


You say follow me, I wont let you down

I want to lead you where life is found

If you’re weary if you’re weak

Come follow me, follow me


Verse 1

Just a tired traveler on the path of life, looking for signs

My eyes they always wander to the left and right, trying to find the light


Pre Chorus

And I don’t see anybody else around

And I’m losing ground 

Then I hear the sound of Your voice


Verse 2

Now I’ve been walking with you for a little while, and I’m a little tired

I’ve seen the highs and I’ve seen the lows

Might have stayed home if I would have known

Pre Chorus 2

The sacrifice I had to make

Friends that left I thought would stay

But when I’m losing faith 



Follow me through the thick and thin 

When you’re lost, wires crossed, come and start again 

Mountains and the valleys I can guide you through them all 

Just follow me

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