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Lord Jesus Come

Verse 1

I can see the hurt that’s all around me

Sirens wail and bullets fly

It’s hard to not lose the hope inside me

When wars are waged on every side


I just gotta hold fast to this faith  

I believe that it won’t always be this way 

So I sing 


Lord Jesus come

And come quickly 

Lord Jesus come 

Put an end to these worries 

Lord Jesus come

It’s the cry of my heart

Lord Jesus come

Verse 2

Feels like everybody’s always angry 

I can feel it rising in me too

Jesus would you calm me in my spirit

I know no matter what you’ll see me through 

So I can sing


In the midst of trials, pain, and regret

I can say with confidence

There’s a place with no sorrow or death

The mansion’s ready and the table is set

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